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The Scholars Program is implemented through our partner universities and NGOs that serve young people from vulnerable backgrounds.  The application process and decision-making is managed by each partner in the Program.  Students are considered for the Program must be academically strong and have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

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Envision a World Where ...


“I envision a world where the youth is ready to take up the mantle, especially in Africa.”

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“Being a MasterCard Foundation scholar for me is being given or being charged with the responsibility to go back to your country and to make change, try to make a difference and trying to do things in a great way.”

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“After going back, I want to re-establish myself promptly so that I can really change the attitude of my people towards that of community service.”

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“As a leader you have to know people make mistakes. You have to be slow to get angry, slow at speaking and very very quick at listening, you know you have to listen a lot more than you speak.”

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“I envision a world where the opportunities are accessible to anyone wanting to transform their environment.”

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“In 2015, I started Ubuntu starter investment to help the rural community in Western Uganda and the areas around become financially independent and economically sustainable.”

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