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The Scholars Program is implemented through our partner universities and NGOs that serve young people from vulnerable backgrounds.  The application process and decision-making is managed by each partner in the Program.  Students are considered for the Program must be academically strong and have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

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Envision a World Where ...


“[A transformative leader] should be someone who can understand very well the people he’s leading and how he can bring them together to bring about a positive change in the community. ”

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“One thing about science that drew me to it is the fact that it’s about discovery of knowledge. ”

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“In my culture, women cover our hair and wear long skirts so people think we can’t work on the farm. I want to prove them wrong.”

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“I envision a better world, a sustainable world.”

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“As a leader you need to be able to learn and adapt to situations without the monopoly of one person – you need to have an open mind and recognize and acknowledge the ideas of others and integrate these with yours to possibly effect change.”

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“I feel the itch to learn. I want to acquire knowledge that will help me fulfill my dream of ending poverty and unemployment around the world.”

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